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Palm Creatives enables you to skillfully showcase your products in various settings. With our base in Bali, we not only benefit from our local knowledge and connections, but also from our close contact with influencers and professional photographers and videographers. We work with various freelancers and can therefore implement your individual wishes directly.

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We don't just take nice pictures, we support your brand every step of the way: we organize your location, find suitable models, and take care of the final editing after production. All we need is your briefing and your products.


Elements Jewelry is a jewelry brand from Bali that stands out for its unique designs and high-quality materials, specializing in handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Oney Anwar

As a well-known surfer from Bali, Oney Anwar has made a name for himself and currently holds the second place in the World Surf League QS Asia, thanks in no small part to his impressive skills on the waves and his constant search for new challenges.

Basic The Label

Basic the Label is a Bali-based clothing brand inspired by island life, specializing in the handmade production of comfortable and casual clothing items.

Samarcanda Gallery

Samarcanda Gallery is a jewelry brand specializing in the production of high-quality silver and gold jewelry, with a particular focus on intricate and artistic designs.

Dua The Label

Dua the Label is a Bali-based women's underwear brand producing handmade underwear from natural materials, placing particular emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness.

Candy Land

Candyland Bali is a local company specializing in the production of comfortable and stylish activewear for everyday use.

Our services

Whether it's video and photography, influencer marketing, or video editing - we deliver the best results for you. Let's work together to bring your vision to life and take your brand to a new level!

Video- & Photography

Influencer marketing

Product campaign

Your benefits

Local Knowhow

Through years of experience on the island and a broad network, we can offer unique locations, models, and opportunities.


Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to connect models, influencers, photographers, and videographers from all over the world.

Conceptual development

We take care of all the work and develop tailored concepts, while you can sit back and relax.

German and English speaking

We speak both German and English, enabling a connection between the island and the mainland.


product photos & videos

Creative & Focused

As your content creation agency, we support you once your content plan is developed and your concept is established. We take over where your expertise needs to be outsourced. Especially for shootings on the beach or during European winters, we offer you an affordable and creative alternative.

We plan your shooting, book the location and models, and send you your desired result after editing. All you need to do is leave a brief briefing and send us your products. And off we go!

The perfect set

Stunning weather, blue waters, white beaches - Bali not only impresses with its diverse landscape, but also offers a variety of exceptional shooting locations: bars, beaches, coral reefs, luxury villas, or the famous rice terraces. We will find the setting that perfectly suits your brand. Here in Bali, nothing is impossible! Choose your desired location from our wide portfolio or suggest your own, and we will be happy to make it happen.

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on your brand!

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Tell us what you wish for and we will make it possible.

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We are internationally rooted and bring developers from all over the world together in our agency. This allows our creativity to have no limits!
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First, we have an initial meeting where you can give us a detailed briefing. With all the information, we start planning the shoot: we take care of models, influencers, location, and the shooting team. At the same time, you send your products on their way so that they can arrive on time for the shooting date. We then carry out the shooting and post-production and deliver the results to you in all desired formats!

With Palm Creatives, you save yourself a lot of planning effort and high costs. You don't have to book flights, hotels, and locations from Europe and can involve your team on-site differently. In addition, you save yourself nasty surprises on-site. The missing network at the shooting location can also be a disadvantage for you. We take care of all these worries for you, including post-production.

Unfortunately not. We cannot include the shipping of your products in a flat rate. Therefore, you have to take care of this yourself. However, you save a lot of other costs and effort for this.

You will receive the shipping address from us directly after your booking.

We can discuss all details of the return personally in a meeting. After all, it depends entirely on your product whether a return is sensible or not.

How long does shipping to Bali take? Here too, the shipped product is the deciding factor. The shipping time depends on the size and weight of the package. Therefore, we unfortunately cannot give you a general indication of this. If you want to know exactly, you can find all the information directly from Deutsche Post.